Cy Creek Silverados

Tryout Information

What other classroom subject emphasizes good morals, high academic standards, neat appearance, etiquette, perfect attendance and offers a better incentive than to receive the applause and approval from their family and peers? Being part of the Cypress Creek Silverados involves temporary hard work and dedication, but the rewards and knowledge gained from membership will last a lifetime!

Important Dates:

  • Handbook Test – Nov. 9th or 10th during your dance class or after school
  • Hopeful Clinic November 14-16 2:45-4:30 Large Commons/Gym # 3
  • Mock Tryouts November 17 2:45– 5:30 TBA
  • Silverado Tryouts November 18 3:00-6:30 TBA

For more information, click the links below:

Tryout Information Page

Silvies Tryout Overview

Silvies Tryout Packet

Welcoming Home Team USA!!!

2016-08 Team USA Welcome Home - 1

2016-08 Team USA Welcome Home - 2