What other classroom subject emphasizes good morals, high academic standards, neat appearance, etiquette, perfect attendance and offers a better incentive than to receive the applause and approval from their family and peers? Being part of the Cypress Creek Silverados involves temporary hard work and dedication, but the rewards and knowledge gained from membership will last a lifetime!


  • Candidate must be in grade 9, 10, or 11.
  • All students are allowed to tryout regardless of grade eligibility at the time of tryouts.
  • Candidates must have received grades from at least two marking periods within the academic year that they are trying out.
  • Candidates must meet CFISD residency requirements.
  • Candidates and parent/guardian must attend the mandatory tryout meeting on October 19th.
  • Candidates must have a physical on file with the campus.
  • Candidates and their parents will agree to the district and campus handbook requirements, as well as, all financial commitments / responsibilities

Handbook Test

  • Nov. 9th or 10th during your dance class or after school
  • Students will be notified if they are eligible to tryout by 11/11.

Hopeful Clinic November 14-16 2:45-4:30 Large Commons/Gym # 3

  • Hopefuls should wear black top, appropriate biker shorts or leggings, and jazz shoes or dance paws.
  • No cover-ups, gum, jewelry during clinic.
  • Hair should always be in a secure ponytail.
  • Hopefuls will learn a jazz/kick routine to perform during tryouts in front of a panel of judges.
  • Clinic is closed to spectators the whole week.

Mock Tryouts November 17 2:45– 5:30 TBA

  • Mock tryouts will be held the day before tryouts to allow all hopefuls to be prepared for the tryout procedure the following day.

Silverado Tryouts November 18 3:00-6:30 TBA

  • All candidates must re-tryout for the team each year.
  • Tryouts will be held in groups of 4/5. Groups will be made according to height the first day of clinic. Order of groups is non-negotiable.
  • Returning candidates will be grouped together in the tryout process.
  • Each group will perform right and left splits and the jazz/kick routine learned during clinic. Callbacks will be left to the discretion of the judges.
  • Tryout attire: each candidate will wear a black fitted top and black dance pants or shorts with her hair pulled tightly back and no jewelry. Absolutely NO cover-ups, belts, nail polish, or gum. Each candidate will be given a number to pin on her top.
  • Selection will be based on jazz technique (coordination, style, grace), high kick technique (flexibility, height, extension, strength, endurance), projection, memory, splits, and overall execution and appearance (posture, carriage).
  • Candidates will find out the night of tryouts if they have been selected to be on the team by the way of personal envelopes delivered by the current Military Officers.
  • All new members will have a scheduled class for drill team prep in the spring semester.
  • Should a candidate be selected she must order and pay for the necessary items before leaving for camp in August. Monthly parent meetings will begin in January 2017.
  • New members will compete at one competition as an ensemble and will be heavily involved in Encore, the Silvie Spring Show. New members are referred to Silverettes.
  • All decisions of the judges are FINAL. Following tryouts, any candidate who does not make the team who wishes to review their scores, must make an appointment with the administrator and/or director.
  • Parents are not allowed to be at Cy Creek during the try-out day but may come at 2:45.

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Any questions, contact Christy Groschke or Ryan Garcia.